Carol Burris on Trump and his education plan

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen me post about needing to erase the boundaries that divided us in the past. In 2017, the attacks on education are going to be brutal and we need to be speaking with one voice. Privatization is coming. Read “Trump opposes federal involvement in education. But do his… Read more »

Why did I have to “tell you so?”

“All indications are that labor has been caught unprepared for a President Trump and a GOP-controlled Congress and Supreme Court. With such broad control over every branch of government, Trump may be able to not only roll back many of Obama’s accomplishments, but also change the face of labor law for decades to come.” –… Read more »

Not all was lost- a look at anti-privatization wins

Okay, so we got our progressive asses kicked by corporate Democrats and the hate-filled, racist, sexist, Trump bigots. But we didn’t lose everywhere. As Jeff Bryant points out, charter schools took a blow in Massachusetts and that was a big win. Read Anti-Privatization Education Victories We Can Rally Around for a round up of some of… Read more »

New York: Common Core and education commissioner must go

The latest from Fordham University Professor Nicholas Tampio: “It is time for the Regents to replace Elia. New York needs an education commissioner who works for all children to receive a well-rounded education rather than one spent preparing for high-stakes standardized tests.” Read Common Core and education commissioner must go. Get ready folks- the world of… Read more »

My Thoughts Post-Election: The Destructive Hangover of a Generation

“Reputation, reputation, reputation! Oh, I have lost my reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial.” ― William Shakespeare, Othello Oh what bender of hate, racism, and misogyny is our country on? Let me begin with some background details about my main analogy here. I am a recovering alcoholic and drug… Read more »

Last Day at Standing Rock

This is the final blog in a series of pieces from Standing Rock.  See these links for previous posts. I’m a Colonizer but I feel the Sacred I’m a Colonizer but I feel the Sacred Part II The Front Line Stories from Standing Rock Peaceful Protest and Breathing The Protectors of Humanity #NoDAPL November 8th,… Read more »

Calling All Science Educators (And news on Sarah Palin)

“Ms. Rumphius” has it spot on: “We are the leaders that remain in the moral vacuum of a Trump white house. More than ever, public institutions that serve and educate the public need to band together and toil to promote diversity, tolerance, equity and sustainability for all. We need a broad alliance dedicated to protecting… Read more »