Labor Leaders Deserve Their Share of the Blame for Donald Trump’s Victory


There are no words fit to print here that describe my level of anger and dismay, disagreement and disappointment over the major unions and their level of all-in support for Hillary Clinton. Most especially, my scathing anger is reserved for the National Education Association’s Lily Eskelsen Garcia and the leadership team that circumvented the wishes of the members at the 2015 Representative Assembly who voted to not endorse a candidate for president. NEA leadership used technical language to endorse Clinton for the primary- a move that angered a lot of members. Now they’ll use whatever language they can to push the idea of a stance against attempts to undermine public education and unions by an incoming Trump administration.

President Eskelsen Garcia, you may be a “rabble rouser” but this profession needs warriors. You got in the way of true work that needed to be done so that you and yours could retain power.

From the article that you may read here: “Labor leaders… hang out in elite circles, seeing themselves less as leaders of social movements whose everyday actions are guided by their members and more as peers of the kind of centrist Washington insiders that made up the top brass of Clinton’s campaign.”

You’ve hurt our profession, our schools, and our children in a vain attempt to preserve your own power. You are the worst kind of friend to education- one who opened the door for a Trump administration.