I’m a Colonizer but I feel the Sacred. by Peggy Roberston

BustED Pencils is proud of our own Peggy Robertson who is now on the ground in North Dakota and participating in the #NoDAPL grassroots movement.  She will be submitting blogs via cellphone.  With the help of friends, we (BustED Pencils) will make sure that every word from that sacred location gets to you. I’ve been… Read more »

Can a Backpack Full of Cash Kickstart your Heart?

Hey! Check it out. “BACKPACK FULL OF CASH is a new 90-minute documentary, narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Matt Damon, that examines the growth of market-based education reforms such as privately-run charter schools, student testing and vouchers—and their impact on America’s most vulnerable children.” Interested in seeing it?  Then how about  little BustED Pencils help? The… Read more »

Dear Next President, I am reporting a crime against children. By Jesse Turner!

http://childrenaremorethantestscores.blogspot.com/2016/10/dear-next-president-i-am-reporting.html Dear Next President: It appears the main stream media failed to raise one single significant question about our nation’s public school system during the debates. It is my intention to update you on the status of our public school system from an educator’s perspective. Our Nation’s greatest achievement ~ Over one hundred and fifty years… Read more »

Massachusetts and Question 2

A gentle reminder to my friends and colleagues out in Massachusetts- VOTE NO ON QUESTION 2 AND STOP THIS CHARTER SCHOOL BULLSH*T. For a more reasoned and adult approach, read this piece from Jonathan Kozol.

The Walking Man Reports a Crime

Way too early for me to up out here on the left coast after being my children’s Uber for Halloween. But through my half open eyes I read this piece from Jesse “The Walking Man” Turner- it’s an open letter about education to whomever takes over the White House after this year’s presidential circus draws to… Read more »

John Oliver and School Segregation

I’m not always the biggest John Oliver fan. Okay, I’m hardly a fan. But this piece (lame humor aside) on the continuing segregation in our school systems is a must-watch- Filter on John Oliver: Segregation Failures Haunt OKCPS Please note that as is often the case with John Oliver, this is NSFW.

Evidence that edTPA needs to be Killed!

The edTPA is supposed to be a performance based assessment that can help predict the effectiveness of future teachers.  For one of the best analysis of edTPA and how it correlates to effectiveness please read Peter Greene’s post from May 2016. So why kill it?  Because even though Peter thoroughly dismantled the edTPA; it continues to… Read more »

That damn equality/equity meme

Caught this on social media tonight and it’s being passed around like crazy. For good reason. I’ve never much liked the meme, but that’s because the one I’ve always seen has white children in it. As a metaphor for education- the way I’ve seen it used most- it’s, well, crap. But this piece takes a… Read more »

Wall Street ‘Influence’? Massachusetts Teachers Unions Request Probe Of Donations To Charter School Measure

“The two largest teachers unions in Massachusetts asked federal and state law enforcement officials to investigate whether large donations to a charter school ballot measure backed by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker violated anti-corruption rules. The request Thursday from the unions was prompted by an International Business Times/MapLight report showing that the state pension board — which Gov. Baker appoints members… Read more »