Clinton supports charters, Trump to end DOE?

News from EdWeek (yeah, I read it from time to time) today- a Hillary Clinton surrogate said the Democratic presidential nominee and likely successor to the White House said: “She’s a big supporter of public charter schools.” Now we’ll get back to letting everyone quibble over what “public charter schools” are while the next administration… Read more »

Noam Chomsky on the Perils of Market-Driven Education

More on why-we’re-doing-what-we’re-doing. Sometimes the best way forward is to take a step back to examine the landscape of where we are now,  think about where we want to be, and consider how we plan on going about getting there. From Noam Chomsky: “The market-driven education tendencies that you mention are unfortunately very real, and… Read more »

The Skills Delusion

“Everybody agrees that better education and improved skills, for as many people as possible, is crucial to increasing productivity and living standards and to tackling rising inequality. But what if everybody is wrong?” Yeah, you know you’re interested. Read it here.

Don’t Know Much About History

“Is anyone else thinking that we should get over our obsession with job readiness and coding and start teaching civics, history and critical thinking again?” YES. Thanks for speaking it again Mrs. Rumphius. Read here and share for this beautiful paragraph: “In the most elite private schools and liberal arts colleges students do more than… Read more »

Why The Academic Achievement Gap Is A Racist Idea

The best piece going around lately on race and the “achievement gap”. In it, Ibram X. Kendi talks about what so many of us have been fighting for: “What if our educational system focused on opening minds instead of filling minds and testing how full they are? What if we realized the best way to standardize a… Read more »

Teacher Shortage My Arse!

Yesterday I was interviewed on the Rick Smith show.  Rick asked me to explain the national “teacher shortage.”  And I said. … LISTEN!    

Why “Grading” Schools is Wrong

One of my favorite bloggers is Alison Collins. A mom and former educator, she blogs about primarily San Francisco public schools but often touches tangentially on many issues that I find interesting. In this blog post Alison hits back on the idea of how testing is used to measure our schools and how those measurements… Read more »