11-3-20 – BustED Pencils

Reimagining EVERYTHING in education and hope for a “freedom from harm.” Guest: Maika Yeigh

Episode 91: “Justified Anger”

Trending News: Trump says NO to forgiveness. “Freedom Schools” vs “Government Schools” Buttocks Beware: Discipline Texas Style. Feature Interview: The Reverend Dr. Alex Gee is the featured guest on BustED Pencils. Dr. Gee has nudged his local community to rethink racial disparities in Madison, WI, by launching an incredible citywide movement called Justified Anger, named… Read more »

Episode 90: Slaying Goliath with Diane Ravitch

Trending News: Confederate Flag still Flying in Virginia School. But why? Kids and their darn questions. The “Disruptors” are losing. Feature Interview: Diane Ravitch has a new book out. Slaying Goliath.  She joins BustEDPencils to talk about the inspiration behind the book–the RESISTANCE! How is possible that teachers, parents, school children, and activists with little… Read more »

Episode 89: A Thurgood Marshall Plan for Public Education: Feelin the Bern!

Trending News Censoring Librarians in Missouri. Jailing Librarians in Missouri. Wal-Mart Moms on the Astroturf. Feature Interview Eric Blanc is the Author of the book Red State Revolt: The Teachers’ Strike Wave and Working-Class Politics . He is Senator Bernie Sanders national surrogate. Eric takes us inside Bernie’s USA Today piece that blasts NCLB and… Read more »

Episode 88: Online Preschool: EVERYTHING you need to know!

Trending News: 2020 Education Trends to Watch Civic Engagement 1 Day of the Year Only. Online Connections or Human Connections? Feature Interview: Dr. Dipesh Navsaria is a pediatrician in Madison, WI.  He blends the roles of physician, occasional children’s librarian, educator, public health professional and child health advocate. Recently a Wisconsin legislator proposed spending 1.5 million… Read more »

Episode 87: Climate Warriors

Teachers have their own children too.  A Room for Teachers to DESTRESS. Old School Kindergarten: Play. Feature Interview: Moé Yonamine and Tim Swinehart of Rethinking Schools and the Zinn Education Project join us.  They talk about how they are helping students become “Climate Warriors” fully engaged in fighting the climate crisis.  We talk about A… Read more »

Episode 86: Teaching A People’s History of Abolition and the Civil War

Trending News: In God We Trust Testing Craze getting less Crazy? Don’t Just Shut Up and Teach. Feature Interview: Adam Sanchez from Rethinking Schools joins us to explain the thinking that went into developing the new book—Teaching a People’s History of Abolition and the Civil War. We then break down the book by the ten… Read more »

Episode 85: Charter School Scandal

Trending News: No Teachers across the Pond. Koch Attack Why ya gotta pick on Charter Schools? Feature Interview: The Network for Public Education’s Executive Director Carol Burris talks about the lack of “accountability” at the Federal Department of Education regarding charter school funding.  After publishing Asleep at the Wheel the charter school industry felt dissed.  So they complained.  So Carol… Read more »

Episode 84:  Rethinking Schools: The New Teacher Book

Trending News: From Custodian to Principal What if I don’t shoot a school shooter? Feature Interview: We talk to Stan Karp (editor at Rethinking Schools) and Ikechukwu Onyema (author at Rethinking Schools) about the third edition of THE NEW TEACHER BOOK: FINDING PURPOSE, BALANCE, AND HOPE DURING YOUR FIRST YEARS IN THE CLASSROOM. Stan and Ike take… Read more »

Episode 83: Rethinking Schools: Origins and Future

Trending News: Classrooms in Crisis.  Bad Behavior of Bad System? Just say No to the Teacher Shortage. Standing your ground so you can shoot your kids. Feature Interview: Rethinking Schools Founder Bob Peterson. In the 1980s Bob Peterson and his teaching colleagues were looking for social justice teaching materials.  There weren’t many out there in… Read more »