Episode 37: The Reformation of an Education Reformer.

Feature Interview: Dr. Jason E. Glass is the new Superintendent and Chief Learner at Jefferson County Schools in Colorado.  However, before becoming “chief learner,” Dr. Glass was a….( Hold your breath)—a reformer.  What happened?  You’re going to have to listen. Trending News: Can the Democrats get back in the game with a “better deal?” DeVos… Read more »

Episode 36: What aren’t We talking about and Why?

Feature Interview: Tim talks to Rich Larson—freelance journalist and the publisher and managing editor of The Next Ten Words.  After Chris Cornell committed suicide Rich posted a moving essay—It’s Not What You Think. Come to think of it this entire episode is not what you think, but that’s the way we want it.  We’ve lost… Read more »

Episode 35: You’re Entering Kohn’s Zone!

Feature Interview:  He’s back and he’s staying—Alfie Kohn. From “No Contest” to alfiekohn.org. Alfie shares with Tim some highlights of his 30 year career and chats about his new adventure.  What could that be? What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say about Kohn’s Zone? Activist of the Week:  Denisha Jones talk about the intersection of early… Read more »

Episode 34: Speaking “Freely” about Social Justice and Faster Pussycat!

Feature Interview: Dr. Kevin Kumashiro joins Tim to talk about his new adventure as a social justice warrior “consultant.” Trending News with Attitude: Free Speech on College Campuses: “That’s Not Right!” What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say about politicians meddling with college courses? Activist of the Week: Justin Oakley talks Education Talk and Faster Pussycat?:… Read more »

Episode 33: Can You Say Aistear? Ireland’s Early Childhood Curriculum graduates to the Elementary Grades.

Feature Interview: Patrick Sullivan is the director of Ireland’s National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA). He joins Tim to talk about something extraordinary—no not Guinness—moving early childhood curricular ideas up to the primary grades. Aistear Curriulum What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say about Ireland taking the lead in pushing early childhood concepts up to the… Read more »

Episode 32: Dystopian Reality Check

Feature Interview: James Howard Kunstler: Schools after the Collapse. As society continues to exploit cheap energy what type of living arrangements will help public schools survive in the future. Blogger/Activist of the Week: Monty Fowler: Making America Great, Again. A huge “truth bomb” about being nice to teachers What Would Matt Damon’s Say about “Free Lunches?”… Read more »

Episode 31: The “Choice” is Clear: It’s A Backpack Full of Cash!

Feature Interview: Sarah Mondale and Vera Aronow. Film makers for A Backpack Full of Cash. Blogger/Activist of the Week: Rebel Teacher on the “Business of Choice.” The Schools Our Children Deserve: Jesse “The Walking Man” Turner Matt Damon’s Mom on why Matt decided to narrate Backpack Full of Cash Trending News and a Moment of… Read more »

Episode 30: The American Way: Choice or Justice?

Feature Interview:  America’s superintendent—John Kuhn—explains how public schools and not choice is an American value! Activist of the Week: Hayley Breden of the Caucus of Today’s Teachers talks about Denver’s new social justice caucus. The Schools Our Children Deserve:  Dr. Ricardo Rosa spells it out. Trending News and Matt Damon’s Mom take on politicians hell… Read more »

Episode 29: Book Banning, Nazi Resistance and Choice

Feature Interview: Rivera Sun joins us to talk about the Norwegian Teacher Resistance to the Nazi Occupation of 1942. Matt Damon’s Mom surprise visit. BustED Pencils VIP: Denisha Jones of DEY talks about what Early Childhood Centers in American can tell us about the future of school choice. The Schools Our Children Deserve: Hayley Breden… Read more »

Episode 28: Are you a “Reformer” or an “Innovator?”

Feature Interview: Angela Engel joins us to discuss the difference between reform and innovation in public schools. Matt Damon’s Mom explores the possibility that Donald Trump might make education great again. Blogger of the Week: Ron Giordan talks about his new blog democracydestroyed.com and his take on Betsy DeVos and IDEA. Troy LaRaviere on the Schools… Read more »