Episode 56: Betsy Bonanza


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Did she really say that?  Between SNL and 60 minutes Betsy DeVos had a tough time communicating.  Is it real or is it parody?

Special Guest:  Double E. Defends Betsy, or as he likes to call her “Tootsie.”  You know what the say about the “woodwork.”

Spotlight Interview #1: Paul Thomas joins us to talk about the “Betsy Dilemma.”  And no, Paul is not related to Double E.

Spotlight Interview #2: Anna Moffit talks about special education and the need for more advocacy.

Spotlight Interview #3: BustED Pencil’s own astrophysicist, Ethan Siegel returns to explain the Trump Administration’s budget cuts and the future of science education.

The Schools Our Children Deserve: Steven Singer

And A Moment of Zinn!

Let’s Bust Some Pencils!

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BustED Pencils
Episode 56: Betsy Bonanza