Episode 77: Howard Zinn and Hockey Pucks

Trending News: Floating shoes not allowed. Teacher Dress Codes. Is it a constitutional right to be taught about the constitution? School Gun Control?  No! Hockey Pucks? Hell Yeah! Feature Interview:  Ursula Wolfe-Rocca of the Zinn Education Project talks about the important work being done in classrooms using Howard Zinn materials and the motivation pushing a… Read more »

Episode 76: SUPER Episode!

Trending News: Nazi Salute in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Reading books is so yesterday. Germany doesn’t need bake sales to fund public schools. Huh? Feature Interview: Dr. Joe Gothard.  Superintendent. Saint Paul Public Schools. What’s it take to lead 38,000 students, 6,500 teachers in 67 schools? A SUPERintendent! What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say about “playing” superheroes?… Read more »

Episode 75: The Nobel prize for Physics: 100 years of Gender Discrimination

Trending News: Ubers and Teachers: What’s the difference? Rich Teachers shows off Metal Chalk Holder ACT scores drop. Should we care? Feature Interview: BustED Pencil’s own Astrophysicist—Ethan Siegel—stops by to give us a history lesson.  100 years of gender discrimination and the Nobel Prize for physics.  Implications for classroom instruction? Stop the bias! Tim from… Read more »

Episode 74: Teacher Education as Resistance to Public School Privatization

Trending News: Betsy declares the rise of socialism and the death of civics. Need a pay raise? Move to Europe if you’re a Teacher. High Stakes tests for Teachers but Not for Students in Pennsylvania. Feature Interview: Professor Margaret Smith Crocco from Michigan State University. What are teacher educators doing to resist the privatization of public education and… Read more »

Episode 73: We’re (Teachers) Not Worthy

Trending News: Teacher’s books stolen by her Principal. Learning to write? Avoid the Common Core. So you want to be a Superintendent but you lack the qualifications? No problem. Primary Interview: Mitchell Robinson. He’s back.  My brother from another mother—Dr. Mitchell Robinson.  It seems that education reformer Kate Walsh has a new idea and she… Read more »

Episode 72: Billionaires, Behaviorism and Black Lives

Trending News: Don’t Mess With Texas Hillary. NRAtv goes after Thomas the Train. Billionaire Bezos creating preschool consumers. What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say about the billionaire assault on public education. Can you say “Hijacked?” Kohn’s Zone: It’s been 25 years since Alfie published Punished by Rewards (A dismantling of behaviorist learning theory).  Progressive education… Read more »

Episode 71: Teachers Handling Guns and Kaepernick in “the best way possible.”

Trending News:  In Oklahoma BIG money fights teacher candidates, In Oklahoma BIG money lost to teacher candidates. Wisconsin Attorney General wants teachers to handle guns in “the best way possible.” Feature Interview:  Analiese Eicher and Joanna Beilman-Dulin of One Wisconsin Now join Tim to discuss Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel’s desire to get guns in the hands of… Read more »

Episode 70: Back to School Year in Review

In this special episode we revisit classic interviews and segments that we thought deserved another round.  Awesome stuff here. What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say? Kohn’s Zone Tim from Rise Against Betsy DeVos Breakdown Double E Ethan Siegel Trending News And much more. One things is for sure.  It’s Time to get back to school… Read more »

Episode 69: Tim’s Brother from another Mother

Trending News: School Shootings: Stop the Bleeding. Thank GOD! No sexual harassment in this Charter School Someone Has To Say It: Demoralized in Wisconsin. Feature Interview: Dr. Mitchell Robinson from Michigan State University might just be the smartest person in the world.  He agrees with me on everything—especially the “heart warming stories” of teachers doing stuff for free. … Read more »

Episode 68: Teaching for Black Lives

Trending News: Substitute news guy—Stick—breaks down the the “fake news” of conservative influenced propaganda. Michigan conservatives want their own history taught. How fair is it to diss Trump in an AP History book? In Texas history books not all slaves were unhappy. Feature Interview: “Teaching for Black Lives” with Jesse Hagopian.  Jesse joins Tim to… Read more »