Special Episode of BustED Pencils: What are the Schools Our Children Deserve?

Feature Interview: Alfie Kohn BustED Pencils talks to prolific author Alfie Kohn about his 1999 Book, The Schools Our Children Deserve. After we talk to Alfie get ready!  We will ask a who’s who list of education activists the question: What are the schools OUR children deserve. When it comes to talking about the Schools… Read more »

Episode 19: Punk Rock + Education = One Kick A$$ Show!

Feature Interview: Punk Rocker and Kick Ass Educator, Martin Atkins! Activist of the Week: DJ Hostettler of Unintimidated Trending News: Releasing well adjusted humans back into society. WWMDMS?: What about those “well adjusted humans?” Moment of Zinn: Inspiring words. LETS BUST SOME PENCILS!

Episode 18: It’s “easy being GREEN” for Dr. Jill Stein

Feature Interview:   Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party presidential candidate “Presumptive Nominees” Trump and Clinton.  But what about Stein?  Wait till you hear her powerful ideas on public education! Fully Leaded Education News:  Trump the bully   Activist of the Week: Emily Kaplan (blogger for Defending the Early Years) — Not just teaching, but making public all things… Read more »

Episode 17: Grit? You Ain’t Got NO Grit!

Feature Interview: Dr. Andre Perry Founding Dean of Urban Education at Davenport University, Grand Rapids, MI; Writer for Hechinger  Andre joins us to discuss the racist assumptions behind the push to teach “grit” to minority students. Fully Leaded Education News:  Opt Out Bullying   Special Activist of the Week/WWMDMS: Howard Zinn! Matt Damon’s Mom, Nancy, gives us… Read more »

Episode 16: Is this the Revolution we’ve been waiting for?

Check out this episode for nothing but “in your face” truth and justice.  Jed and Tim interview Chicago social studies teacher Monique Redeaux-Smith.  Wait till you hear her talk about teaching poor children of color the history of testing in America and her students’ response to opt out. Our Activist of the Week is an… Read more »

Episode 15: Rockin in the History Classroom

Get ready to “Bang Your Head!” In this episode of BustED Pencils, Jed and Tim spend time with American history teacher Mr. Andrew Larson. What’s so cool about Mr. Larson? He decided to combine American History and Rock and Roll into a high school course. What’s he going to teach? Listen and find out. Don’t… Read more »

Episode 14: No Excuses. No Excuses. No Excuses!

You know what they say, “Excuses are like @ssh0les$, Everybody has One.” In this episode of BustED Pencils, Jed and Tim talk to Jim Horn about his new book, Work Hard, Be Hard: Journeys through “No Excuses” Teaching and explore the world of “no excuses” charter schools through the voice of teachers. Our Activist of… Read more »

Special Episode of BustED Pencils: Busting Pencils in Chicago

In this special episode of BustED Pencils, Jed and Tim talk to 3 Chicago educators about the April 1st Day of Action. Let’s Bust some Pencils with Chicago Teachers’ Union President Karen Lewis, Chicago teacher and union activist Michelle Gunderson, and Chicago principal Troy LaRaviere!

Episode 13: Civil Rights, Inequities and History

In this episode of BustEd Pencils Dr. Yohuru Williams explores the Civil Rights movement’s unique history in relation to Opt Out. Our Activist/Blogger of the Week talks about how certain inequities remain “cloaked.” Welcome to the show Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig. Also, wait till you hear what Matt Damon’s Mom has to say about a… Read more »

Episode 12: “In the Middle” with Nancie Atwell

In 2015, Nancie Atwell won the Global Teacher Prize. SInce winning the award what has she been up to? Listen to Nancie as she talks to Jed and Tim about receiving the award and her continued advocacy for all teachers and her special love for reading. Don’t call our Blogger/Activist of the Week a curmudgeon…. Read more »