Episode 60: Educators Amplified and Licensed Teachers need NOT Apply


Trending News:

  1. Teachers of the Year attempt dialogue with Betsy DeVos.
  2. Give teachers guns so they can sell them for supplies? Michelle Wolf.
  3. 1 school closed and 40 teachers without jobs. “If only I knew?”

Someone Has to Say It!: Keep politicians out of our classrooms.

Feature Interview: Joanna Rizzotto and Ted Kraig preview the next Educators Amplified: Gubernatorial Edition.  Is there a Democrat in Wisconsin that really understands the issues facing public education?

Spotlight Interview: Teacher Pam. 16 years experience, Master’s degree, exceptional letters of recommendation.  Can’t get a teaching job in a “shortage” state.

The Schools Our Children Deserve: Arizona Teacher of the Year Jessica Marks.

And of course, A Moment of Zinn.

Let’s Bust Some Pencils!