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‘You’re fired!’: NY school board chair opens a massive can of whoopass on Trump racist Carl Paladino

Part of me wants to be amazed people like Paladino are even remotely involved in education. Most of me recognizes assholes like this exist everywhere. “They would like me to tell you, ‘You’re fired,’” (School Board President Barbara Seals) Nevergold continued, as the audience applauded. She asked that he do the right thing and resign.”… Read more »

The Anti-Authoritarian Academic Code of Conduct (Updated)

The Anti-Authoritarian Academic Code of Conduct (Updated)   1. I will not aid in the registering, rounding-up, or internment of students and colleagues on the basis of their religious beliefs.   2. I will not aid in the marginalization, exclusion, or deportation of my undocumented students and colleagues.   3. I will, as my capacities… Read more »

“Bankruptcy is not a problem for kids”

“Bankruptcy is not a problem for kids”. Oh yes, she actually said it. Who? CEO of EdBuild, Rebecca Sibilia, formerly of StudentsFirst. Who is EdBuild? According to their website, “EdBuild is a catalyst organization, working to fundamentally disrupt the status quo of illogical & inequitable school funding.” Go figure that their donors include the Walton,… Read more »

The Special Ed Students Deserve

We continually say that in order to be heard, teachers must speak. Awesome to see Chicago teacher Katie Osgood doing exactly that. From this post in Jacobin: “In recent years, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has attempted to implement free-market reforms to its special-education program, closely following the strategy that then–Secretary of Education Arne Duncan laid… Read more »

Rev. Barber: We are witnessing the birth pangs of a Third Reconstruction

We need Moral Mondays in every damn major metro area of the United States. We need leaders willing to stand up and speak truth, not people looking for others to follow. “We need a moral movement to revive the heart of American democracy and build a Third Reconstruction for our time. This work is not… Read more »

From 2011: Got Dough? How Billionaires Rule Our Schools

Had the good fortune tonight of having someone on Facebook share this article written by Joanne Barkan in 2011. We continue to preach the truth about what she wrote back then: “A few billion dollars in private foundation money, strategically invested every year for a decade, has sufficed to define the national debate on education;… Read more »

The new standardized testing craze to hit public schools

I’m going to pause here for just a moment. This is irritating. Not because it’s a new form of the continued testing of students. That’s hardly a surprising thing. This is irritating simply because we’ve known about this for a while. Advocates like Alison Hawver McDowell and Emily Talmage have been talking about this for… Read more »

What The Hillsdale College Connection Reveals About Donald Trump’s Extremist Education Agenda

Jeff Bryant over at Education Opportunity Network writes (and backs up): “No one – not a single source I can find – anticipated Trump would look for education expertise in the deep, dark well he repeatedly seems to draw from – the extremist, rightwing evangelical community.” The bad chef concoction of DeVos, Falwell Jr., Hillsdale… Read more »

Trump’s Plan to Turn Public School Money Into Private School Vouchers

Gotta wonder how much organizations like the Gates-funded NPR helped prime American society for this. By promoting the false narrative of “bad teachers”, “school choice”, the need for “higher standards” and “accountability”, NPR has only fueled the privatization movement. Read this dribble from NPR here. Even now they only tepidly discuss the issues behind vouchers…. Read more »

Teacher Shortages Are Looming, but It Doesn’t Need to Be This Way

In the continuing media discussions over why there’s a teacher shortage, this piece from TruthOut showed up today. No, it doesn’t need to be this way. But until we stop supporting the failed political views of corporate Democrats who see public education through the same lens as any run-of-the-mill Republican, nothing is going to change.