The new standardized testing craze to hit public schools


I’m going to pause here for just a moment.

This is irritating. Not because it’s a new form of the continued testing of students. That’s hardly a surprising thing.

This is irritating simply because we’ve known about this for a while. Advocates like Alison Hawver McDowell and Emily Talmage have been talking about this for a long time. There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to those with the vision that apparently so many others were lacking- Stop Competency/Proficiency-Based Education! The group has been around for- get this- over a year. And now the Washington Post would like you to consider the “new” testing craze?

Now that I’ve had my say, if you have no idea what’s being talked about I suggest you read the article (keeping my previous paragraph in mind so you know who to really turn to when you’re seeking knowledge about CBE/PBE) and begin to familiarize yourself with the “new” craze. Join the Facebook group linked above to learn more. And be sure to ask those with a deep knowledge of these issues.