The Anti-Authoritarian Academic Code of Conduct (Updated)

The Anti-Authoritarian Academic Code of Conduct (Updated)
1. I will not aid in the registering, rounding-up, or internment of students and colleagues on the basis of their religious beliefs.
2. I will not aid in the marginalization, exclusion, or deportation of my undocumented students and colleagues.
3. I will, as my capacities allow, discourage and defend against the bullying and harassment of vulnerable students and colleagues targeted for important aspects of their identity (such as race, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.).
4. I will not aid government or law enforcement in activities which violate the U.S. Constitution or other U.S. law.
5. I will not aid in government surveillance. I will not inform.
6. As a teacher and researcher, I will not be bought or intimidated. I will present the state of research in my field accurately, whether or not it is what the government wants to hear. I will challenge others when they lie.
7. I will not be shy about my commitment to academic values: truth, objectivity, free inquiry, and rational debate. I will challenge others when they engage in behavior contrary to these values.
8. As an administrator, I will defend my students, faculty, and non-academic staff. I will not allow the expulsion, firing, disciplining, harassment, or marginalization of individuals targeted for being members of disfavoured groups or for expressing dangerous opinions. I will speak up for academic freedom. I will insist on the autonomy of my institution.
9. I will stand with my colleagues at other institutions, and defend their rights and freedoms.
10.I will be fair and unbiased in the classroom, in grading, and in all my dealings with all my students, including those who disagree with me politically.
Courtesy of the Daily Nous.