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Massachusetts- Vote No on Question 2

Do the corporate elite that are trying to kill off public schools truly believe they can continue to sell bullshit to the great people of Massachusetts? The Schott Foundation for Public Education released a blog post titled “A Question of Better Education for All” in which they remind us again that “When the corporate concept of… Read more »

“So what do I do?”

I posted a link to a Paul Thomas blog post the other day- you can read Verboden!: Autonomy and Critical Thinking in Education if you missed that. Thankfully, someone asked him the question we all struggle with as teachers: “So what do I do? I want to teach practical skills and meaningful texts. I am instead faced… Read more »

Patrick, Gates, and the Destruction of Texas Education

I had all sorts of amazing an profane things to write, but nothing sticks out more to me about how Texas, and America, is screwing the public school system, especially in communities of color than this line: “It was a “conversation” in which a middle-aged white man having a “conversation” in a room filled with… Read more »

Massachusetts and Question 2

A gentle reminder to my friends and colleagues out in Massachusetts- VOTE NO ON QUESTION 2 AND STOP THIS CHARTER SCHOOL BULLSH*T. For a more reasoned and adult approach, read this piece from Jonathan Kozol.

The Walking Man Reports a Crime

Way too early for me to up out here on the left coast after being my children’s Uber for Halloween. But through my half open eyes I read this piece from Jesse “The Walking Man” Turner- it’s an open letter about education to whomever takes over the White House after this year’s presidential circus draws to… Read more »

John Oliver and School Segregation

I’m not always the biggest John Oliver fan. Okay, I’m hardly a fan. But this piece (lame humor aside) on the continuing segregation in our school systems is a must-watch- Filter on John Oliver: Segregation Failures Haunt OKCPS Please note that as is often the case with John Oliver, this is NSFW.

Is Your District Changing its Grading Policy? Here’s the Real Reason Why

I don’t even know where to start with grades anymore. I think they used to mean something, although looking back to my high school years I can’t really be sure. I know they don’t mean much when I assign them to my students. Yeah, sure, they tell me something about the point collection a student… Read more »

That damn equality/equity meme

Caught this on social media tonight and it’s being passed around like crazy. For good reason. I’ve never much liked the meme, but that’s because the one I’ve always seen has white children in it. As a metaphor for education- the way I’ve seen it used most- it’s, well, crap. But this piece takes a… Read more »

Clinton supports charters, Trump to end DOE?

News from EdWeek (yeah, I read it from time to time) today- a Hillary Clinton surrogate said the Democratic presidential nominee and likely successor to the White House said: “She’s a big supporter of public charter schools.” Now we’ll get back to letting everyone quibble over what “public charter schools” are while the next administration… Read more »

Noam Chomsky on the Perils of Market-Driven Education

More on why-we’re-doing-what-we’re-doing. Sometimes the best way forward is to take a step back to examine the landscape of where we are now,  think about where we want to be, and consider how we plan on going about getting there. From Noam Chomsky: “The market-driven education tendencies that you mention are unfortunately very real, and… Read more »