Episode 18: It’s “easy being GREEN” for Dr. Jill Stein

Feature Interview:   Dr. Jill Stein,
Green Party presidential candidate
“Presumptive Nominees” Trump and Clinton.  But what about Stein?  Wait till you hear her powerful ideas on public education!
Fully Leaded Education News:  Trump the bully   Activist of the Week: Emily Kaplan (blogger for Defending the Early Years) — Not just teaching, but making public all things troubling about schools!   What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say (WWMDMS):  You have to listen to what Nancy Says about Donald Trump? GASP!!   Moment of Zinn
Let’s Bust Some Pencils!
BustED Pencils
BustED Pencils
Episode 18: It's "easy being GREEN" for Dr. Jill Stein