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Educators Amplified Podcasts from March 10, 2018

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Educators Amplified #3


Educators Amplified!

The Achievement Gap: Now Closed by the Alternate Executive Order

Amidst all the furor (Did I spell that right?), the derisive snickering, and those silly pink cat hats that surrounded the water coolers during these first few days of the new administration, it went virtually unnoticed that the Trump administration’s greatest triumph thus far is the end of the Achievement Gap. It’s sooooo over. Over…. Read more »

Trump, DeVos, Eugenics. Oh Yeah It’s that bad says @slekar.

What’s in store for public education come January?  Here’s my take. Is RESISTANCE FUTILE?  

Chicago Teachers’ Union Michelle Gunderson speaks TRUTH and BUSTS PENCILS!

Once again all eyes are Chicago as our brothers and sisters in CTU are being forced to stand up for the right of children to learn.  And at this moment that possibly means collective action—STRIKE! Why?  Listen to Michelle.  And just so you know.  Michelle Busts some serious Pencils!

Milwaukee wins major Victory over Edreform.

In the state budget passed this year in Wisconsin was a provision that essentially legalized the theft of public schools from their local communities.  The Kooyenga-Darling heist proposal stated that, select MPS schools with failing grades would become independent charter schools that do not employ unionized teachers or answer to the Milwaukee School Board. Instead,… Read more »

Is it Civics when a Law is passed in the middle of the night via the Budget Process?

Tim Slekar and Percy Brown discuss the undemocratic imposition of a mandatory high stakes graduation test with Neil Heinen on For the Record.

Wisconsin State Rep. Bob Gannon said what? Part II. Or I see violent thugs that want to do me harm.

  In response to the Orlando mass shooting, one Wisconsin elected official (probably hasn’t passed the civics test yet) proposed legislation for private businesses that restrict or ban people from “concealing and carrying.” This legislation would allow victims of gun violence to sue private property owners that enforce a “gun free zone.” Representative Bob Gannon explained, “There are… Read more »

ESSA Regulations: Disappointment or Denial? Guest post by Peggy Robertson

Back in Denver after 29 days MIA and finally back in the saddle. So it appears during my hiatus they finally released the 192 pages of ESSA regulations. Damn that ESSA opportunity that just keeps on giving. And the same old players are quoted saying the same old crap while ESSA takes the lead in… Read more »