TLAC – there are some “good” things? Really????????


It never fails – when I share my TLAC blog I am always presented with the Teach Like a Champion argument that “some good things can be found in there.”  For the love of god this argument makes me insane. Yeah, so maybe someone found one little good thing in there – but at what cost to the lives of children? And can’t a teacher find some of these techniques in books by actual educators?  Doug Lemov is NOT an educator. And – guess what? There is also a helluva lot of bad shit in there too. It is racist as hell. Watch the CD that comes with the book. And actually read the book  before putting it in the hands of teachers and/or praising it – which is how it rolls in my former district – people passing out TLAC left and right and they didn’t even bother to read it.

Here is my blog on it:  .  I need to do a follow up on it but seriously it makes my stomach churn to write about it so I haven’t gone there yet.

Oh  – and one more thing – when you watch the CD – where are all the white children? Huh.

And why do the children look so damn unhappy? Huh.

Plate. Wall.