Mom Michelle


Michelle is currently a “Stay-at-Home” mom who has been involved in public education both in volunteer work and as a Paraprofessional. She started out as a room mom in 2005 and since then has been in Parent Volunteer Corp, was a Grade Wing Representative, in the Parent Teacher Organization (holding various chair and co-chair positions), became a substitute for office help and Therapeutic support staff, worked in both Elementary and Middle school as a Multi-task Special Education Behavioral Support Paraprofessional and held the Vice President position of the Parent Teacher Organization.

In 2011 Michelle stood up for her public school colleagues by opting her son out of the PSSA (Pennsylvania Standardize State Assessments) refusing to be part of a system designed to hurt the very teachers she was working with. She occupied the Department of Education (DOE) and was media/photo coordinator for UOO National (United Opt Out) DOE Occupy in Washington DC. She has opted her son and daughter out of all standardized tests every year since. Michelle has been interviewed by various media regarding opt out and has been a guest speaker in college classrooms. Her fight to support public education continues as she takes on the role of BustED Pencils Show Manager.



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