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BustED Pencils Trending News: WWMDMS 6/17/16; Bar; Strong; Against

BustED Pencils Radio – What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say? (WWMDMS) WWMDMS – 6/17/16 WWMDMS – 6/17/16 Is the bar too high? Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten Based on This List?  Together we ARE strong!  It’s an honor to have you on our team Peggy Robertson!!  You have forever been busting pencils!!  CLAP CLAP CLAP!! Resignation,… Read more »

Relay Leadership School: No Pedagogy, No Humanity, No Democracy. Guest post by Peggy Robertson.

I teach in a Relay Leadership School. 26 days left. If you do what Relay wants, you cannot, simply cannot, give any true time, energy, or credence to true pedagogy, inquiry or issues of equity and diversity and democracy. It’s not possible if you are standardized down to the most regimented target followed by success… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: Episode 14; Head Nods; Bullying-Revolution; Finding

BustED Pencils Radio Episode 14 –  No Excuses. No Excuses. No Excuses! Episode 14: No Excuses. No Excuses. No Excuses! A teachers view point… WAIT what???!!  NICE (with head nods) Where Have All the Teachers Gone? Bullying happens when a revolution is attempted. The Opt Out Irony Finding a way forward. Root to… Read more »

“I Wonder.” guest post by UOO’s Peggy Robertson.

Working in a district that is under “accreditation watch” while also working in one of the district’s “turnaround” schools brings intense stress and high stakes mandates everywhere you turn. I wonder if folks understand what it’s like to feel guilty about asking your school to purchase you a trashcan? Or – being told there are… Read more »