BustED Pencils Trending News: Congress Dumps; Really Simple; Replaced

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The Bush-era law. Gone with NCLB.  Is ESSA (The Every Student Succeeds Act) even close to an acceptable replacement??

Congress set to dump No Child Left Behind


A public school teacher and a businessman walk onto a plane… (“Fewer people who think there is one single thing that would solve all of our problems in public schools”, Lily Eskelsen Garcia).

Listen to how Garcia responds to this demeaning question.

It’s annoying when people mistakenly think your job is really simple.

http://www.upworthy.com/a-plane-passenger-asked-a-teacher-a-kind-of-rude-question-about-her-job-she-responded-eloquently?c=reccon3 BustEDstretch

Reversing damage done by No Child Left Behind????? Every Student Succeeds Act is an illusion.  Here is a written piece of fantasy for you.  Amazing? or WORSE?!!

No Child Left Behind is finally getting replaced by a brilliant new system



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