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BustED Pencils Trending News: Who’s paying?; Common NOT Cure; Foundations Matter?

A private meeting being paid for by whom? So a Lobbyist and an ALEC Legislator Walk into a Bar…Caught on Tape by NBC God forbid an educator speaks! Common Core Does Not Cure Student Mobility   How about keeping the experiences in the classroom that are the foundation for learning?  Nancy Carlsson-Paige needs to… Read more »

People’s Bill #1 (PB1): Legislator Accountability Bill

Today I put forth PB1 (People’s Bill #1) Legislator Accountability Bill. This Bill was drafted by members of ALECFLA (American Legislative Exchange Council for Legislator Accountability). Bill Summary This bill would require all legislators produce a weekly information sheet detailing any and all work paid for the people of the state. This bill would require… Read more »