Episode 90: Slaying Goliath with Diane Ravitch


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  1. Confederate Flag still Flying in Virginia School.
  2. But why? Kids and their darn questions.
  3. The “Disruptors” are losing.

Feature Interview:

Diane Ravitch has a new book out. Slaying Goliath.  She joins BustEDPencils to talk about the inspiration behind the book–the RESISTANCE!

How is possible that teachers, parents, school children, and activists with little to no resources can take on the education “losers” worth billions?

Well.  You’ll just have to listen to Diane as she tells the stories of the many who Bust Pencils everyday.

And of course your Moment of Zinn.

Let’s Bust some Pencils!

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BustED Pencils
Episode 90: Slaying Goliath with Diane Ravitch