Episode 66: A Teacher’s Story Part 2 and a pinch of Punk Rock


Trending News:

  1. Schools to “out” transgender students.
  2. Schools to report that boys aren’t manly enough.
  3. Whats going on in kindergarten?

What Would Matt Damon’s Say about the demise of kindergarten?

Special Interview: Tim McIlrath from Rise Against talks about punk rock as a vehicle for critical education and The Schools Our Children Deserve.

Kohn’s Zone: “You Can Do It!” If you mean plunge to your death…

Feature Interview: Karen Vieth continues to talk about the blog she wrote detailing why she left the teaching profession.  We move into a deeper discussion about teacher demoralization and how Karen will always be a teacher.

Plus Your Moment of Zinn.

Let’s Bust Some Pencils!

BustED Pencils
BustED Pencils
Episode 66: A Teacher's Story Part 2 and a pinch of Punk Rock