Episode 5: Admiring Administrators


In this episode of BustED Pencils Jed and Tim talk educational administration with administrators.  Sounds boring, huh? But instead of “administrators” what if we got to hear from “leaders” in education?

First, from Chicago, we talk to principal Mr. Troy LaRaviere who exemplifies leadership over compliance.  Our Activist of the Week is an administrator from Madison, WI who explodes the notion of the “achievement gap” and provides an authentic attack on the inequities that really create the challenges our children of color face.
And what the hell is an “authentic attack” on the achievement gap? Matt Damon’s Mom says …
And in our Moment of Zinn, everybody’s principal, Corwin author, and Education Week blogger Peter DeWitt gives voice to Howard and his take on leadership.
Let’s Bust some Pencils!
BustED Pencils
BustED Pencils
Episode 5: Admiring Administrators



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