Peter Greene


petergreeneimageI have a story, but it’s nothing special. I’m not a super-teacher, and I don’t suck (most days). But I really care about the work and the profession. I’m not a crazed anarchist, but I don’t see a lot of value worrying about coloring inside the lines, either. I’m not a joiner, and I never automatically rule anything out or in just because of the source.

I concluded a long time ago that teaching is a sort of guerilla warfare, where we stay low, do what we can get away with for the students, and pick our battles carefully. But sometimes the battles pick us, and all we can do is respond from the gut and the head. I’m an optimist about the future and a realist about the present, but I live a life of great privilege, and I try never to forget to be grateful for that.

This blog image 1is about blowing off steam and standing up for public education. I am lucky to live in an age when being able to string some words together can be combined with a little tech skill to reach people who need a hand, a reminder that they aren’t alone, a word of encouragement. So I’m giving it a shot.



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