Dr. Barbara Hong


Dr. Barbara Hong obtained her Ph.D. from Columbia University in Special Education in addition to three masters in instructional practices, educational leadership, and as a learning specialist. She is a Senior Fulbright Scholar and Senior Fulbright Specialist. Dr. Hong also has been appointed by the U.S. State Department Bureau of International Programs as a Speaker Specialist on Disability, consulting with Ministries of Education around the world. Dr. Hong has been a professor for over a decade and taught in New York, Texas A&M, and most recently at Penn State. She works with many diverse schools and communities across disciplines in program evaluation, outcome assessment, instructional analysis, inter-disciplinary collaboration, and technology infrastructure reforms. Dr. Hong’s research examines the cognitive science of teaching and learning, particularly with college students who are struggling. Thus far, her research has resulted in over thirty refereed publications and has been cited in the Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education, Wiley Library of Higher Education, Vanderbilt University’s Peabody Recommended Readings for Transition, British Library database, and the Hong Kong Institute of Education Library. Dr. Hong is a recipient of the Teacher of Honor award by the International Education Honor Society and a certified special education teacher, school principal, and district administrator. She is currently the Education Specialist for the Virginia Fairfax County Government, Department of Family Services, and Institute of Early Learning.



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