A New Teacher Preparation “Entity” in Wisconsin?


Just a reminder.

PI 34.006 Definitions. In this subchapter: “Institution” means one or more accredited colleges or universities offering an educator preparation program. “Student” means an individual enrolled in an educator preparation program.

Entity” means one of the following or a consortium of the following:

(a) CESA.

(b) Community-based organization.

(c) Institution.

(d) Non-profit organization.

(e) Private enterprise.

(f) School.

(g) School district.

PI 34.007 Program approval. ELIGIBILITY. An entity may apply under sub. (2) for the state superintendent’s approval of its educator preparation program if all of the following applies: The entity’s educator preparation program is headquartered and physically located in the state of Wisconsin. If the entity does not have its principal campus in the state of Wisconsin, the entity is approved by department of safety and professional services under s. 440.52, Stats.


And how about this for legitimacy?  They are CAEP accredited.  Doesn’t say such for CAEP as a stamp of approval.