Now is the time to talk about what we are actually talking about


A fair statement to say that Chimamanda Negozi Adichie has become a voice that I turn to when I need my soul recharged. Her piece in the New Yorker on Friday needs to find its way on to everyone’s reading list. While the piece in its entirety speaks to our current shift in society towards instability, these words hit home as education activists gear up for an even bigger fight than the one which corporate Democrats gave us: “Now is the time to counter lies with facts, repeatedly and unflaggingly, while also proclaiming the greater truths: of our equal humanity, of decency, of compassion. Every precious ideal must be reiterated, every obvious argument made, because an ugly idea left unchallenged begins to turn the color of normal.”

From the insanity of accountability to charter schools, from testing to vouchers, from certification to teacher preparation programs, it’s time to be even louder and in the faces of our legislators, school boards, and communities speaking that truth for public schools and the students who need our voices.