BustED Pencils Trending News: Common Core’s political fiasco; PA opt outers will not be denied; No evidence to support FSA

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It’s not a right or left thing! Parties unite on this issue.  In fact, as Diane Ravitch says, “As [U.S. Secretary of Education Arne] Duncan’s chief of staff JoAnne Weiss wrote at the time, Common Core was intended to create a national market for book publishers…”.

Common Core’s political fiasco: How it united the left and right against it


Breaking news for parents/guardians in PA:  “the right of the parents or guardians will not be denied…”  says The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).

Religious Opt-out provision of Chapter 4


There is no evidence to support the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA).  Legislator Senator Hays said, “This system and our legislators have failed the students.”  FAILED, did you hear that?!

#WhyIRefuse…just three of my reasons