UPDATE on Banned by @educationgadfly and @rpondiscio



Sunday update to this post.  Mr. Pondiscio tweeted this to me earlier today.


Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 12.40.04 PM

He was obviously a bit miffed at the post below and the “Banned” title. And yes, in the original comment that I attempted to post to his blog I did have a “link.”  So I went back to the comments because I thought I remembered seeing a different comment with a link.

Sure enough, here’s what I found.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 12.39.27 PM

Yep. A comment with a link in it that made it through.

I guess the Fordham Institute better check out their spamometer.  It appears like it only detects a certain kind of criticism “spam.”


It seems that Mr. Pondiscio and the Fordham Institute can’t take criticism.  Mr. Pondiscio penned his latest test and punish apology but my simple comment was not “approved” by the Fordham trolls.

I guess that’s what is nice about having your own blog.  Someone censors you. No problem.  Just post on your own.

Here’s what I posted for a comment at 9:00 am.

Mr. Podiscio says,

“But when 250,000 minority kids languish in New York’s worst schools”  the opt out movement suffers from essentially being a white liberal movement.

This is ridiculous! The opt out movement is specifically a call to action for the “250,000 minority kids” that have been given tests instead of equity. It is because of accountability that kids “languish.” Accountability has siphoned more than a trillion dollars away from public schools and created the horrible conditions that our most vulnerable children experience in schools. Schools that no longer have a rich curriculum and the needed resources to help truly EDUCATE children.

Testing and blaming teachers, schools and even the families for low scores and then offering “choice” as a solution is simply the reformers’—wealthy conservatives”—way of using poor people to condemn and further dismantle the public school system that they despise.

Geeze let’s just be honest! Reformers HATE public schools and will do almost anything to get rid of them—including exploiting our most vulnerable children.

Stop the rhetoric of opt out being a simple, white liberal movement against testing. Show your true intentions—affluent conservatives who disdain “public” anything—and just advocate for a fully private system of schools that will further the economic divide and send tax money into private bank accounts.

Why censor comments?  It must be a simple lack of faith that Fordham followers are incapable of forming their own positions on school reform. Sorry Gadflies.