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Inefficient and inequitable school construction- and how banks profit off of it

Okay, Nerd Herders- this is for you: “When you think of schools as an infrastructure project, local control presents a unique problem: it’s inefficient and inequitable.  It’s inefficient because you’re asking every local school board in the country to borrow millions of dollars to construct or renovate school buildings. Inevitably, when a tiny school board… Read more »

NLRB labels Charters as ‘Private’

“In our glorious fight for civil rights, we must guard against being fooled by false slogans, such as ‘right-to-work.’ It provides no ‘rights’ and no ‘works.’ Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining…. We demand this fraud be stopped.” – Martin Luther King Jr. Oh charter schools, the National… Read more »

Breakfast on the Floor. Poof. Gone.

On August 10th I posted a blog detailing the breakfast situation at my former school, Jewell Elementary. Feel free to read to catch up. Within less than 24 hours of posting the blog the breakfast policy was changed. Poof. Gone.  Social media is very useful in exposing bad policies, which then require people to acknowledge the… Read more »

F%#k the Standards!

I really don’t think I can express how tired I am of hearing teachers tell me how they are required to use the standards, go back to the standards, write down the standards, test the standards, and state the standards. Seriously FUCK the standards. There is NO research to demonstrate that standards improve student achievement…. Read more »

On the State of the Resistance Movement: Between Murder and Suicide and the Need to Claim a Third Space. By Morna McDermott

In May of 2016 I officially resigned as an administrator for United Opt Out a group I help create in 2011 along with Peggy Robertson, Tim Slekar, Ceresta Smith, Shaun Johnson, and Laurie Murphy. Since then, Shaun and Laurie rolled off, and we added new admins like Michael Pena, Rosemarie Jensen, Ruth Rodruigez and Denisha… Read more »


I am a white privileged girl living in the suburbs. That being said, I have my own experiences with power structures, and many that have occurred via my activist work, in my personal life, and via my teaching in the public schools. I want to share a few today in the hopes that thinking through… Read more »

Teacher Competency, Complete with Digital Badges!

Yes, now you too, Incredibly Educated Houston Teaching Professional, can build confidence and competence with PowerUp! PowerUp is a new district-wide initiative that will transform teaching and learning! Earn micro-credentials through our unique competency-based professional learning model! Created in conjunction with the University of San Diego, the Houston Independent School District wants YOU to take… Read more »

Digital Learning Goes Back to School

“With tablets and the right software, this approach is possible on an individualized basis: after every five minutes of individualized tablet-based instruction, students would be presented with a brief series of questions that adapt to their skill level, much as computer-adaptive tests operate today. After that assessment, the next set of instructional material would be… Read more »

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