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BustED Pencils Trending News: L.A. students cut in half; Principles?; Cutting Cramming

    Broad and Walton plan to move half of L.A. students into charter schools over the next 8 years!  Good night John-boy!! Walton foundation sustains local funding for Teach For America with new grant Principals without Principles! NYC Public Schools: Money Over Age Cramming and cutting… More than 11,000 school staff members are ‘missing’… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: Philanthropic “smoke screen”; Busting; Growing ARMY

Hey Melinda and Bill Gates, here is a MUST READ for ya! We can’t believe Melinda and Bill Gates are calling their “dismantling” of public schools across the entire country as “philanthropic work”!  Let me remind you what the definition is for “philanthropic” – The difference commonly cited is that charity relieves the pains of social… Read more »