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33 year old Charter Czar in Wisconsin to be paid $93,000.00 from public funds to PRIVATIZE schools.

This morning in MADISON.COM the headline was Gary Bennett, new ‘charter czar,’ pledges collaboration with district, downplays competition. Gary Bennett wants to assure you he’s not out to destroy the Madison School District. The former legislative staffer leads the new Office of Educational Opportunity at the University of Wisconsin System. That makes him the unofficial… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say (WWMDMS 6/3/15); Raw; Oh YEAH; We object

BustED Pencils Radio – What Would Matt Damon’s Mom Say? (WWMDMS) WWMDMS – 6/3/15 WWMDMS – 6/3/15 A teacher; not a test; is what knows best!!!  A heartfelt, heartbreaking raw honest view from the inside. Untimed Testing is Not a Solution Untimed Testing is Not a Solution See we told you!!  BustED Pencils is education news that seeks the… Read more »