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BustED Pencils Trending News: Episode 2; Caring; Scheduled; Shitty

  BustED Pencils Radio Episode 2 – 2/26/15 Episode 2: 2/26/15   Someone cares and that person is Shalon Miller.  Keep Busting Pencils Shalon, your efforts matter! I’m a Detroit teacher protesting our awful school conditions. Here’s why I think we’ll win. Scheduled for this fall!! D.C. Public Schools, closely watched for its reform efforts,… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: Duncan dunked; Bye Bye Standardized; Busting Pencils

  Deputy Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr., Really?!! Education Secretary Arne Duncan stepping down Standardized tests SAT/ACT on the way out, good students are in!  Bye Bye Standardized. What one college discovered when it stopped accepting SAT/ACT scores   Schools being creative in spite of Standardized testing!  This is what happens… Read more »

Breaking News: Wisconsin political hacks maintain status quo era of inequitable public education policy.

Announcement! Wisconsin picks a new state test. Yes, read it again if you need to, but it was announced yesterday that the state of Wisconsin has picked a new standardized test to be used this Spring to take the place of the defunded Badger exam. In other words, people with political connections helped a certain… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: 400 miles achieved; 12 year old gets it right; Live at Michelangelo’s;

400 Miles Achieved all in the name of children!  Congratulations Jesse!  Find Jesse Turner in satirical mock trial as Arne Duncan. (44.01 minutes into the trial) Mock Trial LIVE STREAM Children are more than test scores   Lacey wrote a research paper about standardized testing. We had no idea she was doing this… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: Apologize to the students; Brian did what??; Haunting

 These tasks are not really related to your usual job.  If you don’t care, is it working??  Apologies are in order. The First Hurdle  Nevada governor Brian Sandoval, WHAT did you just do??!! Nevada Enacts Universal School Choice The COMMON theme. High School Students Create Haunting Artwork About Standardized Tests    … Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: Demonized; Carnival Ban; Christi profits

No failed schools in America, only governments failed policy. Why America Demonizes Its Teachers The horrible realities of “pay to play”.  If you ever saw the look of an elementary school child being left out and not understanding why (“I’ve been a good kid too.”) you would be outraged by this action.  It’s wrong… Read more »

Without the TEST how will we know?

Now that opt out season is coming to a close and schools have moved on to field days and violating copyright laws by showing Disney movies in classrooms there is an interesting conversation emerging here in Wisconsin. What happens if the common core test (the Badger test) we gave isn’t scored? Seriously!  In Wisconsin we… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: 3 step down, “Rigor”, John Oliver spot on

  1.  Caring voices will always win out over money!  THREE Pearson members stepping down, revenues declining in North America. Pearson confirms departure of chairman Glen Moreno 2.  Dr. Walter Stroup seven hour wait to testify in 2012 at a legislative hearing at the Texas Capitol about “Rigor” has turned into Pearson counterattacking largely… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: Slekar speaks; 12-year-old voice; LEGAL Rights

            1.   You REALLY want to understand the opt out movement?  Listen here as our own Dr. Tim Slekar explains. No Child Left Behind & Standardized Testing   2.   CJ Pearson is an articulate 12 year old boy who gets the voice of children out.  A must watch, very… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: Dem. Declares War; No Show for SBAC; Racist? REALLY??!!

  Senator John Tester of Montana (who was a teacher) says, “Students shouldn’t be learning for the test, they should be learning for life.” Democratic Senator Declares War on Standardized Tests Diane Ravitch’s Blog says it best! No juniors show up to take SBAC at Seattle high school Really? The “Feds” can step… Read more »