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Can an Atheist School Board Member save Christmas?

                  What happens when a “liberal college professor” runs for school board?  What about Christmas? Just listen.

Wisconsin’s BIG GOVERNMENT Republicans get a free pass from the media.

  Hey! Guess what? Wisconsin Republicans like big government! Who cares? Not the media! Yes it’s that simple.  Last week, in another embrace of big government and disdain for local control, the Wisconsin Republican Party pushed legislation that would outlaw the simple practice of democracy all the way down to the local level. Wisconsin republicans want to… Read more »

Move Along! Nothing to See here! or “I don’t want to be here anymore.”

Two years ago I posted the blog below.  Today I am reposting it (with some revisions). Why?  Because, as we leave 2014 and are about to begin 2015 I don’t believe anything has changed since I originally crafted this post. I am close to the edge! And from here the picture is perfectly clear. The… Read more »