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Teacher Shortage as “Shock Doctrine” Part II

Since writing a letter to my teacher education colleagues and then posting it to my blog some things have happened.  I shared it with some legislators.  One remarked, “he’s right but….” Great. I’m right. But that’s not enough to stop the crazy train? That tells me that this issue will only get legs when public school… Read more »

People’s Bill #1 (PB1): Legislator Accountability Bill

Today I put forth PB1 (People’s Bill #1) Legislator Accountability Bill. This Bill was drafted by members of ALECFLA (American Legislative Exchange Council for Legislator Accountability). Bill Summary This bill would require all legislators produce a weekly information sheet detailing any and all work paid for the people of the state. This bill would require… Read more »

Wisconsin Legislators talk too much.

Today was the “public” hearing on Wisconsin republicans’ school accountability bill.  I wish somebody would have told me that by “public” they meant that the “public” gets to watch legislators talk to each other and that at some point during the day any zombie left in the room would get a chance to say something…. Read more »