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BustED Pencils Trending News: 400 miles achieved; 12 year old gets it right; Live at Michelangelo’s;

400 Miles Achieved all in the name of children!  Congratulations Jesse!  Find Jesse Turner in satirical mock trial as Arne Duncan. (44.01 minutes into the trial) Mock Trial LIVE STREAM Children are more than test scores   Lacey wrote a research paper about standardized testing. We had no idea she was doing this… Read more »

Guess what? I went to a “Tea Party” today!

Once again, in case you’ve been living under a rock—to celebrate the 4th of July and America’s independence from tyrants—Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republican party thought the people in Wisconsin were getting tired of translucent government and used the budget process to declare legislative discussions to be “free” from public scrutiny. Surprisingly, (to Walker… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: Ohio cuts; Emanuel cuts; US destroys

      OK, this all sounds like it’s a move in the right direction for public education, BUT, is moving toward Smarter Balanced and ACT Aspire any movement at all?? How much is that going to cost? Ohio cuts funding for PARCC Common Core testing.  What’s next? Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanual actually said… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: Demonized; Carnival Ban; Christi profits

No failed schools in America, only governments failed policy. Why America Demonizes Its Teachers The horrible realities of “pay to play”.  If you ever saw the look of an elementary school child being left out and not understanding why (“I’ve been a good kid too.”) you would be outraged by this action.  It’s wrong… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: Who’s paying?; Common NOT Cure; Foundations Matter?

A private meeting being paid for by whom? So a Lobbyist and an ALEC Legislator Walk into a Bar…Caught on Tape by NBC God forbid an educator speaks! Common Core Does Not Cure Student Mobility   How about keeping the experiences in the classroom that are the foundation for learning?  Nancy Carlsson-Paige needs to… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: Red Flag; CC Promoters $$; Snake Oil

Red flag regarding student information!  A cautionary tale for school districts. Millions of Student Records Sold in Bankruptcy Case   I don’t typically align myself with the FEDERALISTS, but the details in this story cannot be  ignored. Ten Common Core Promoters Laughing All The Way To The Bank   Classrooms of the 21st century… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: Slekar speaks; 12-year-old voice; LEGAL Rights

            1.   You REALLY want to understand the opt out movement?  Listen here as our own Dr. Tim Slekar explains. No Child Left Behind & Standardized Testing   2.   CJ Pearson is an articulate 12 year old boy who gets the voice of children out.  A must watch, very… Read more »

Letter to Arne Duncan, Guest post by Michelle Slekar

  Arne Duncan, I am deeply offended and insulted by the accusations and down right LIES you are putting out to the press. You really should be ashamed of yourself. I AM a white suburban mom and I worked in the schools with the children you labeled as disabled or minority. THIS tactic will NOT… Read more »

BustED Pencils Trending News: Common Core’s political fiasco; PA opt outers will not be denied; No evidence to support FSA

It’s not a right or left thing! Parties unite on this issue.  In fact, as Diane Ravitch says, “As [U.S. Secretary of Education Arne] Duncan’s chief of staff JoAnne Weiss wrote at the time, Common Core was intended to create a national market for book publishers…”. Common Core’s political fiasco: How it united the left and… Read more »

Education Reformers HATE public schools! Just being honest.

We have a manufactured crisis in education being pushed on the American people. Everyone from Arne Duncan to Jeb Bush is pushing the “public education crisis” narrative. The “public education crisis” narrative, while being dishonest, is absolutely brilliant. Just think of the work and the time the reformers were willing to put in. They designed a system that… Read more »