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Is it Civics when a Law is passed in the middle of the night via the Budget Process?

Tim Slekar and Percy Brown discuss the undemocratic imposition of a mandatory high stakes graduation test with Neil Heinen on For the Record.

Wisconsin’s mandatory Civics test: State mandated racism by omission.

A few months ago I wrote about about opting out of the new “mandatory” civics test that recently became a graduation requirement in Wisconsin.  Remember, this is the test that  Representative James “Jimmy Boy” Edming thought was “a good idea.”  I also went on Capital City Sunday with Representative Terese Berceau to talk about the problems associated… Read more »

Revolutionary Civics for All.

“It’s so important for students to feel their role as the office of a citizen!” Isidore Starr The quote above illustrates beautifully what we are throwing away when we mandate the regurgitation of rote knowledge about government. However, come to Wisconsin and share in the ignorance that is unintelligent legislation without deliberation. Because starting next year,… Read more »

Social Studies and mandatory Civics testing: New Opt Out Movement!

Quick Fact. In the Spring, Representative James “Jimmy Boy” Edming slipped into the Wisconsin budget (without debate or public commentary) a provision that requires all students attending public schools to pass a Civics test in order to graduate from High School.  According to Representative Edming it seemed like a”good idea” and would “help instill the responsibilities of… Read more »