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2019 NAEP Scores: Achievement Gap or …?

Here you go: A ‘Disturbing’ Assessment: Sagging Reading Scores, Particularly for Eighth-Graders, Headline 2019’s Disappointing NAEP Results NAEP 2019: Reading scores drop for US students, with mixed math results What To Make of the 2019 Results from the ”Nation’s Report Card” DeVos Bemoans ‘Devastating’ NAEP Scores, Pushes for ‘Education Freedom’ I used GOOGLE and typed… Read more »

High School Athletics over Academics: The “Mis-Education” of Black Athletes

The sports industrial complex as currently constituted is built on the backs of black athletes and incentivises universities and high schools to emphasize the athletic potential of many children over their academic achievement. Many students are accepted into top tier colleges that typically would be denied entrance, if not for their potential to help win… Read more »

The Business of School Choice

What the Proponents Say  The idea of school choice rests on the premise that students can receive a better education if their parents have the opportunity to choose a school that is the best fit for their child. This sounds like common sense and rather benign, especially if the local schools are run down and… Read more »

The Achievement Gap: Now Closed by the Alternate Executive Order

Amidst all the furor (Did I spell that right?), the derisive snickering, and those silly pink cat hats that surrounded the water coolers during these first few days of the new administration, it went virtually unnoticed that the Trump administration’s greatest triumph thus far is the end of the Achievement Gap. It’s sooooo over. Over…. Read more »

The Achievement Gap and the Role of Critical Education

Academic Achievement Gap Rooted in Oppression Over the years I have done significant research on the achievement gap between some racial minorities and white students in American schools.  All the journals, books and articles I read were limited to American publications.  This only gives a limited view of the problem.  I thought it would be wise… Read more »