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2019 NAEP Scores: Achievement Gap or …?

Here you go: A ‘Disturbing’ Assessment: Sagging Reading Scores, Particularly for Eighth-Graders, Headline 2019’s Disappointing NAEP Results NAEP 2019: Reading scores drop for US students, with mixed math results What To Make of the 2019 Results from the ”Nation’s Report Card” DeVos Bemoans ‘Devastating’ NAEP Scores, Pushes for ‘Education Freedom’ I used GOOGLE and typed… Read more »

The “X”odus Files: The School Climate Hole.

I happens over and over again. Why? Is it an inability to truly dissect and understand this moment? Or, is it a willful need preserve the status quo? These are the questions I continue to ask after reading some post, blog, or journal article that maintains the “teacher shortage” narrative. But last week NEA Today… Read more »

The “X”odus Files: Toxic Stress and Accountability.

Last night I posted this on my personal Facebook page. How many of our colleagues need to take medication, pursue counseling, have their own families disrupted, and then finally quit teaching before we can say, “accountability is the poison?” Slekar Facebook The reason for posting this came as I was combing over my survey results… Read more »

The “X”odus Files: Accountability is the Problem.

It’s time to stop trying to rescue “accountability.” It’s a horrendous word and its application only results in blame based authoritarianism. I have seen the attempts to “reclaim” accountability and I have taken my fair share of criticism for my critique of accountability. But why reclaim something that has nothing to do with empowering the… Read more »