Episode 85: Charter School Scandal


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  2. Koch Attack
  3. Why ya gotta pick on Charter Schools?

Feature Interview:

The Network for Public Education’s Executive Director Carol Burris talks about the lack of “accountability” at the Federal Department of Education regarding charter school funding.  After publishing Asleep at the Wheel the charter school industry felt dissed.  So they complained.  So Carol went back to check NPE’s facts and found out the Charter industry might even be more than just Asleep at the Wheel.

This was such an awesome interview so I asked Carol if she might be interested in doing a semi-regular interview to keep  #BustEDPencils listeners informed about the scandalous world of charter schools.!  Guess what she said?

Plus your Moment of Zinn.

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BustED Pencils
BustED Pencils
Episode 85: Charter School Scandal