Episode 73: We’re (Teachers) Not Worthy


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  1. Teacher’s books stolen by her Principal.
  2. Learning to write? Avoid the Common Core.
  3. So you want to be a Superintendent but you lack the qualifications? No problem.

Primary Interview: Mitchell Robinson.

He’s back.  My brother from another mother—Dr. Mitchell Robinson.  It seems that education reformer Kate Walsh has a new idea and she wants to share it with those of us status quo educationists.  Who knew that somebody with NO student teaching experience had the expertise to offer a critique of the student teaching experience? 

Mitchell and I have our own critique. I wonder if Kate will listen?

Spotlight Interview: Dr. William (Bill) Ayers.

Arne Duncan just published his memoir—How Schools Work: An Inside Account of Failure and Success from One of the Nation’s Longest-Serving Secretaries of Education.

Should we all run out and buy the book?  You won’t have to after you listen to Bill’s “review.” 

And of course A Moment of Zinn.

Let’s Bust Some Pencils!

BustED Pencils
BustED Pencils
Episode 73: We're (Teachers) Not Worthy