Episode 4: 6/3/15


It’s finally here!  Check out this music and arts themed episode.  Jed and Tim weave trending news concerning the arts and “bust some myths” along with inviting Matt Damon’s mom to provide expert commentary on how the arts and music are essential in the early years of child development.  In the main interview get ready for Tony and Becca from the Tossers (An Irish Punk Folk band from Chicago).  Who knew a couple of “punks” could be such advocates for education in general and music education specifically. What about the Activist of the Week and the Moment of Zinn? Let’s just say an art teacher and a music teacher deliver the goods.

Extended Tony Tossers Interview – Coming Soon

Extended Becca Tossers Interview – Coming Soon

BustED Pencils
Episode 4: 6/3/15



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