Episode 17: Grit? You Ain’t Got NO Grit!


Feature Interview: Dr. Andre Perry

Founding Dean of Urban Education at Davenport University, Grand Rapids, MI; Writer for Hechinger 

Andre joins us to discuss the racist assumptions behind the push to teach “grit” to minority students.

Fully Leaded Education News:  Opt Out Bullying   Special Activist of the Week/WWMDMS: Howard Zinn! Matt Damon’s Mom, Nancy, gives us an inside look at their special relationship.  He was a social revolutionary and critical historian.  Was he a wonderful human being?  Absolutely!   —Moment of Zinn

Let’s Bust some Pencils!

BustED Pencils
BustED Pencils
Episode 17: Grit? You Ain't Got NO Grit!



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