Last Day at Standing Rock

This is the final blog in a series of pieces from Standing Rock.  See these links for previous posts. I’m a Colonizer but I feel the Sacred I’m a Colonizer but I feel the Sacred Part II The Front Line Stories from Standing Rock Peaceful Protest and Breathing The Protectors of Humanity #NoDAPL November 8th,… Read more »

Hold the Rigor; Pass the Respect

loonyhiker, Creative Commons I’m a newcomer to this blogging gig, and I’m getting a quick education about all the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to putting my private musings into public exposés. Some people we want to annoy, and others we desperately need on our side. Recently, a student’s comment in one of… Read more »

Peaceful Protest and Breathing

Nov. 6th, 2016 Last night we went to the casino in order to make a mad dash to upload all blogs, pictures, social media, etc., that each of us has promised to various organizations and groups.  When we returned it was after eleven p.m. Sam and I crawled into our tent exhausted. We had been… Read more »

The Front Line

Front Line – November 4th, 2016 Today we went to the front line – this is the camp that is closest to the digging of the pipeline –  but the front line has been pushed back – and they are trying to inch their way back to the digging. We visited with women and men that… Read more »

I’m a Colonizer but I feel the Sacred Part II

Day One continued at Oceti Sakowin Camp #NoDAPL I continue to hear stories. Another tribe is the Crow tribe.  They came walking four miles to the camp  – coming in “healing” and wearing  full tribal dress.  The Crows were previously hated because they gave up the Native Americans to the army years  ago, but now the… Read more »

Dear Next President, I am reporting a crime against children. By Jesse Turner!

http://childrenaremorethantestscores.blogspot.com/2016/10/dear-next-president-i-am-reporting.html Dear Next President: It appears the main stream media failed to raise one single significant question about our nation’s public school system during the debates. It is my intention to update you on the status of our public school system from an educator’s perspective. Our Nation’s greatest achievement ~ Over one hundred and fifty years… Read more »

That damn equality/equity meme

Caught this on social media tonight and it’s being passed around like crazy. For good reason. I’ve never much liked the meme, but that’s because the one I’ve always seen has white children in it. As a metaphor for education- the way I’ve seen it used most- it’s, well, crap. But this piece takes a… Read more »

Why So Emotional???

Emotions are running high these days due to ESSA opportunity. If the powers that be get their way, they will steer these emotions right where they want them, into the hands of the .01%. Don’t believe me?  Let’s do our best to get up to speed. But I have to tell you, two pots of… Read more »

Opt Out is DEAD

In its current form. Did I get your attention? Good. Because right now I feel like I back peddled five years ago to the time when several of us started an FB page to create opt out guides/resources for each state. At that time, we/opt outers were mocked, ignored, and ostracized. Lots of big wig… Read more »

TLAC – there are some “good” things? Really????????

It never fails – when I share my TLAC blog I am always presented with the Teach Like a Champion argument that “some good things can be found in there.”  For the love of god this argument makes me insane. Yeah, so maybe someone found one little good thing in there – but at what cost to… Read more »