Race to the Top Saved: Why?

The hard-fought agreement followed months of wrangling between Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives, who aimed to significantly curtail domestic discretionary spending, including for K-12 education, and the Obama administration, which sought to shelter education and other priorities. HOWEVER, Race to the Top competitive-grant program, will be financed at $700 million. If you’re not… Read more »

My Adventure Running for Schoolboard.

Preface: The election was last Tuesday. I made the ballot by one vote. Yes. I am running for school board. Why? Because, once again I have to back up my rhetoric with actions. Plus, I am no longer willing to watch my local community-school get squashed by the market driven reforms being thrust upon it…. Read more »

Candy Crowley and Education

CROWLEY: Joining me now, Democratic senator Michael Bennet of Colorado. He was the superintendent of Denver’s public schools, Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, he is the former education secretary and former president of the University of Tennessee, Randi Weingarten is president of the American Federation of Teachers and CNN education contributor Steve Perry is… Read more »

Vouchers aren’t Free.

For those of you in Pennsylvania that support Senate Bill 1, I hope you clearly understand that if you do not have children or your children are out of school you will still be paying taxes. In fact, your tax bill may increase with the passage of Senate Bill 1. Senate Bill 1 is a… Read more »

My Huffington Posts.

If Not Now, When? If Not You, Who?Teachers, ‘If Not Now, When? If Not You, Who?’ How to Boycott NCLB in 90 SecondsHow to Boycott NCLB in 90 Seconds Teachers, This One Is for YouTeachers, This One Is for You It’s All My Fault?It’s All My Fault? The Night the Lights Went Out on FridayThe… Read more »

Educators and communities should say no to Corbett education cuts.

State Department of Education spokesman Steve Weitzman was quoted as saying, “The presumption of steady, unbroken revenue increases year after year no longer is feasible. The day of reckoning has come.” What exactly does he mean by the day of reckoning? Well it has nothing to do with actually spending less on education. Yes, the… Read more »

Why do politicians keep bashing public school teachers? by Jo Chiparo

Bashing of teachers is the favorite subject for politicians these days. Their rhetoric follows the same theme: The country is falling behind in education because of bad teachers. I have read statistics stating that Asian students are more advanced in math, science and reading than students in the USA. If this is true, we must… Read more »

Test scores and economic competitiveness. By William J. Mathis

What does international economic competitiveness have to do with kids’ test scores? Not much. If we look at it from a jobs perspective, 70 percent of United States jobs require only on-the-job training, 10 percent require technical training, and 20 percent require a college education. Although the Obama administration claims that the jobs of the… Read more »