John Oliver on Charter Schools

The irreverent humor of John Oliver strikes again. This time he takes aim at charter schools with an emphasis on the mess that is Ohio. Most of the good stuff is NSFW (I mean, c’mon, it is Last Week Tonight)- and I wish I had that writing team! Watch it on the YouTube channel here…. Read more »

Who profits from a “broken public school” narrative?

There’s a lot of great writing out there today. Peggy Robertson and Steven Singer both have important reads for your Sunday. I may have time to revisit those later today. But I’m going to ask you to include this piece from Alison Collins on your list today. Her blog is something I share from time to time, but this is… Read more »

On the State of the Resistance Movement: Between Murder and Suicide and the Need to Claim a Third Space. By Morna McDermott

In May of 2016 I officially resigned as an administrator for United Opt Out a group I help create in 2011 along with Peggy Robertson, Tim Slekar, Ceresta Smith, Shaun Johnson, and Laurie Murphy. Since then, Shaun and Laurie rolled off, and we added new admins like Michael Pena, Rosemarie Jensen, Ruth Rodruigez and Denisha… Read more »


I am a white privileged girl living in the suburbs. That being said, I have my own experiences with power structures, and many that have occurred via my activist work, in my personal life, and via my teaching in the public schools. I want to share a few today in the hopes that thinking through… Read more »

Teacher Competency, Complete with Digital Badges!

Yes, now you too, Incredibly Educated Houston Teaching Professional, can build confidence and competence with PowerUp! PowerUp is a new district-wide initiative that will transform teaching and learning! Earn micro-credentials through our unique competency-based professional learning model! Created in conjunction with the University of San Diego, the Houston Independent School District wants YOU to take… Read more »

Digital Learning Goes Back to School

“With tablets and the right software, this approach is possible on an individualized basis: after every five minutes of individualized tablet-based instruction, students would be presented with a brief series of questions that adapt to their skill level, much as computer-adaptive tests operate today. After that assessment, the next set of instructional material would be… Read more »

Testing’s “Next Generation”

“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.” -Richard Feynman A recent report out of Massachusetts has a New Hampshire-based company coming up with the “Next Generation MCAS”. Is this like New Coke? It’s a $150 million dollar waste, that’s for sure. And “next generation” makes me… Read more »

Social Justice and Critical Pedagogy

  Social Justice, Critical Pedagogy The social fibers in our society seem to be unraveling and the ruling class is scrambling to keep it together, as they fight over how to handle gaping social conditions. Historically oppressed minorities and immigrant groups are reminded daily how little they are valued by this society. We are in… Read more »

Better Your Testing: A Competition for Money

“How dreadful…to be caught up in a game and have no idea of the rules.” -Caroline Stevermer Earlier this month the Education Department released guidelines for a grant competition to improve assessments. You can find the release here. States are encouraged to work hard for their share of $8.86 million dollars. (A veritable gold mine!)  The… Read more »

Laws and Sausages- and Test Scores

“If a black and white student respond identically to questions on the NAEP assessment, the reported ability for the black student will be lower than for the white student, reflecting the lower average performance of black students on this assessment.” -Brian A. Jacob from “Student test scores: How the sausage is made and why you should care” “Profits, like sausages…… Read more »