Tammy Holtan Arnol


In Tammy Holtan Arnol’s experience, teachers who use the Nurtured Heart Approach® are happier, and their students are more successful behaviorally and academically. NHA teachers tell her that they hold their learners in higher positive regard, feel happier and less frustrated in their jobs, and are able to accomplish more academically. Tammy regards sharing NHA as her most significant professional accomplishment because of the impact it has on kids, families and teachers. She has been in public education since 1996 as a teacher and school counselor and an NHA trainer since 2013.



Morty has been raised with the Nurtured Heart Approach since he was two. He appreciates growing up in a home where his greatness is recognized. He often assists with his mom’s NHA presentations, and he likes participating in the experiential activities. Howard Glasser asked Morty to attend one of his workshops, so he could recognize Morty in front of the group. Morty enjoyed the experience and also helped sell books. Morty’s big loves are his doggie sister, Rosie, and acting in community theater plays. He also loves to read and has studied karate for about a year. He is currently a purple belt.