BustED Pencils Trending News: Hold the Rigor and Pass the Play.


So called “kindergarten readiness” has transformed American early childhood education into  a disaster zone where “rigor” and “academics” rule the day.


Because as a nation we’re delusional at best and intentional at worst.  Delusional because we actually think that “rigor” prepares the mushy minds of toddlers for academic success at some future—yet to be determined date.  Intentional because we are willingly pushing rigor and academics for our most vulnerable children—despite clear research that demonstrates that the more vulnerable a child is the more they need a play-based early childhood experience.

See here in MERICA our anti-intellectual pursuit of alt-truths creates an upside down world. However, what if we take a look other countries? How is the concept of a play-based curriculum orchestrating teaching and learning where what’s best for all children drives policy making and classroom life?

  1. Ireland.
  2. Denmark
  3.  And of course Finland.