BustED Pencils Trending News: Resistance!


Stark.  Bleak. Depressing. etc. Have you used any of these words to describe your sense of the world lately?  Hey it’s hard not to.  But let’s not forget that the solutions we seek and the remedy for this malaise is within each of us.

So in that spirit here are three stories of resistance—with endings that prove that we (teachers, students, parents, supporters of public education) can be the “hope for the hopeless and the light in the dark.”

  1. Got Fascism? The 1942 Norwegian Teachers’ Nonviolent Resistance to Nazis Has Answers
  2. Costa Rican women teachers defend schools, help bring down a dictator, 1919
  3. Chicago parents stage occupation to acquire a library for local school, 2010

Check out Rivera Sun—author of Got Fascism.  She will be a feature guest on the radio show in the near future.